Since childhood, I’ve often been described as dexterous as I’ve always had a knack for creating things out of nothing as well as reassembling old stuff into something.

As I grew up, I became eager to express my creative visions, which drove me to hone my skills in traditional arts. Thereafter, I was given an opportunity to be part of a prestige artist group in the Art Capital of the Philippines.
I went with the flow, and it led me to explore 3D design and event branding. This part of my journey made me more passionate about the things I do and has become an influence in shaping my knowledge and experience in different sectors of the field.

I’m a multidisciplinary designer, and my aesthetic at work clearly displays my future aspiration— advancing my knowledge in the exhibition and events branding industry.

As such, this website displays my life’s work

Professional Skills


3D Exhibition Design
Signage & Wayfinding Design
Events Branding
Modular Display Design
Creative Design
POP Display Design


Website Design
3D visualization
Product & Packaging Design
Logo Design
Brand Identity Design
Video Editing